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Welcome to Global Services

Alaska's Full Service Remote Camps & Catering Company

40 Years of Alaskan Remote Camp Services

We are an Alaskan, Women-Owned,  full-service camp company committed to providing professional, highly flexible, cost-effective, individualized service with an emphasis on quality. Making a remote site camp work correctly requires many elements coordinated into a complete system of products and services. Global Services, Inc., provides all these professional services:

  • Hospitality Services - Food & Housekeeping

  • Remote Camp Facilities

  • Product Procurement

  • Light Maintenance Personnel

  • Expediting

  • Emergency Response Support

  • Professional Consulting Services

  • Janitorial Services

tent camp in winter

High Quality Remote Camps

Camps and camp services anywhere your projects take you. 40 Years of experience providing professional, highly flexible, individualized services.

Top Shelf Catering Services

We know how important good food is to your team’s morale. Global Services professional staff is committed to serving a variety of high quality, delicious menu items.

salad bar
stocked snack fridge

Reliable Product Procurement

Adding value through our supplier relationships. We ensure all details are simple, seamless, and handled in a timely manner so that our clients can focus on their projects.

Exceptional Facilities Management

At Global Services we know a clean camp is vital to the health and well-being of your crew and we take pride in keeping our camps clean.

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