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High quality remote camps in Alaska statewide

We are an Alaskan full service camp company committed to providing professional, highly flexible, cost effective individualized service with an emphasis on quality. Making a remote site camp work correctly requires many elements coordinated into a complete system of products and services. Global Services, Inc., provides all of these professional services:

  • Food & Housekeeping Services

  • Housing Facilities

  • Product Procurement

  • Light Maintenance Personnel

  • Expediting

  • Emergency Response Support

  • Professional Consulting Services

  • Client In-Town Catering Functions

  • Janitorial Services

What makes us the right choice?

Experienced & Professional Workforce.

40 years of experience in remote camp and catering services in throughout Alaska. Our faculty is fully screened, trained, and assigned to jobs where they can excel and exceed your every expectation.

Systems That Work.

Complete, systematic and documented procedures to ensure all contracted services are provided at the highest level of quality and on schedule.

High Quality Food & Product.

The finest food with stringent quality control measures in place from the source to the table. The cleanest rooms… always!

Competitive Price.

Always competitive while insuring quality, convenience, reliability and customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Quality Assurance.

Global Services, Inc. conducts regular monthly camp reviews. No details go unnoticed. Weekly safety meetings are held, ensuring the safety, health and well-being of our employees and yours. Copies of these reports are available upon request and serve to reinforce our standards of unsurpassed service to YOU our client.

Why is a quality remote camp important?

Company employees in Alaska’s rugged environment working in the oil, gas, environmental, and mining industries burn tremendous amounts of energy in their daily activities. This energy needs to be replaced effectively to maintain employee morale and productive workers.

It is no secret that camp food can determine the success of remote field operations. News travels quickly about the quality of the camp and the catering services. Workers demand fresh, nutritious menus with variety.

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