Alaska’s Best Remote Camp & Catering Services


We are an Alaskan full service camp company committed to providing professional, highly flexible, cost effective individualized service with an emphasis on quality. Making a remote site camp work correctly requires many elements coordinated into a complete system of products and services. GLOBAL provides food and housekeeping services, housing facilities, product procurement, light maintenance personnel, expediting, emergency response support, professional consulting services, client in-town catering functions, and janitorial services. Among the elements that Global Services, Inc combines to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients are:

  • PEOPLE – Experienced remote site people. Fully screened, trained and assigned to jobs where they can excel and exceed your every expectation.
  • SYSTEMS – Complete, systematic and documented procedures to ensure all contracted services are provided at the highest level of quality and on schedule.
  • PRODUCTS – The finest food with stringent quality control measures in place from the source to the table. The cleanest rooms… always!
  • PRICE – Always competitive while insuring quality, convenience, reliability and customer satisfaction every step of the way.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – Global Services, Inc. conducts regular monthly camp reviews. No details go unnoticed. Weekly safety meetings are held, insuring the safety, health and well-being of our employees and yours. Copies of these reports are available upon request and serve to reinforce our standards of unsurpassed service to YOU our client.