Alaska’s Full Service Remote Camp & Catering – Global Services, Inc

Global Services, Inc. is an all-Alaska Company founded by Kurt Winkler in December 1982. We have a 27 year history as a successful operator and full services camp catering company. The criterion of operations which distinguishes Global Services from the other catering companies serving Alaska are:

  • All Global Services’ key management personnel have North Slope and remote camp experience and lived in Alaska.
  • Global Services’ management develops the company-wide attitude that the CLIENT is first and will always have the best services possible.
  • This concept is accomplished by the ideology that Global Services’ staff and vendors will follow company standards and specifications without exception.

We believe these are the factors that have enabled Global Services to be successful in maintaining long-term contracts and securing repeat business for the past eighteen years.

Global Services has been serving clients on Alaska’s North Slope, in the Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas and all areas in between. Our clients include exploration, oil and oil support companies, construction companies and government agencies. Global’s portable tent camp operations have been located on the Alaskan and Seward Peninsulas, as well as in the interior of Alaska: Gulf of Alaska to the North Slope.

It is due to our varied background of serving people in oil platforms, drilling rigs, exploration camps, cat trains, and hotel settings in Prudhoe Bay that enables us to anticipate and tailor our services to meet our client’s operational and economic needs.

As a service contractor, our employees are our asset. Many of our staff members have been with Global Services  since 1982. We retain our professional staff, be it a dishwasher, a catering manager, or Anchorage office staff and management by offering an extensive employment and benefit package. Our employees are not numbers, but individuals, and we treat them accordingly.

Whatever the application, if it calls for good food in a clean, sanitary environment, with flexible services, GLOBAL SERVICES, INC. is ready to help you!!!